Tallac Coffee Co. was founded in 2020, in Reno, NV, by two brothers from South Lake Tahoe with the mission of providing high quality, craft-roasted coffee that is better for you and the environment. We are a small, family run and founded business that is passionate about encouraging our customers to be well-educated—and caffeinated—consumers. Our mission is driven by our love of the outdoors and commitment to living the healthiest lifestyle we can. All of our coffee is fair-trade and organic, and is packaged in biodegradable packaging—it is sourced and craft-roasted in small batches by owner and operator, Jacob Miller. 

In June of 2023, Tallac Coffee Co. launched our first coffee trailer. Our fully outfitted, portable espresso bar can be found every Saturday in the summer at the Carson City Farmers Market. The vintage trailer is a perfect amenity for events—Tallac Coffee can caffeinate your wedding, help show employee appreciation, or take your brunch party to the next level.

When you support Tallac Coffee Co. you support a family. Jacob and Mirette Miller are working to build a legacy of hard work and environmental awareness for their growing family.

Thank you for choosing Tallac Coffee!